Apeks xtx first stage service manual

Apeks xtx first stage service manual
Apeks service kit, 1st stage. Reference AP0241. €22.50. Tax included Complete kit; Fits all Apeks 1st stages; Apeks 2.stage spindle insert XTX, AP6215. AP6215. €10.85. Fits the following: XTX20, XTX40, XTX50, XTX100, XTX200. Add to cart Reviews. Be the first to write your review !
The reg is in greatshape and is not beat up. You get: Apeks XTX200 First Stage Apeks XTX200 Second Stage Regulator Hose Pictures shownare the actual items and have not been photoshoped Payment ViaPaypal Shipping costsare the responsibility of the buyer. If …
May 12, 2018 · So, if you are not getting freeflow, my first question is whether or not the mouthpiece has been removed at your test bench. The Apeks service manual specifies in a NOTE box to perform bench tests before installing the mouthpiece.
All servicing carried out by a qualified Apeks Service Technician and we use only genuine Apeks parts. The service price includes. First Stage Service Kit. Second Stage Service Kit for each second stage. Labour. Return carraige (UK mainland is via FEDEX) Highlands and Islands via Royal Mail
SCHEDULED SERVICE It is recommended that the Apeks FSR & FST first stage regulators should be examined annually regardless of usage. A full serviced should be performed every two years. However, If at all unsure about the correct functioning of the Apeks first stage, then it …
Apeks XTX50 2nd Stage Adjustable Breathe/ Venturi ideal Twinset SideMount Stage Mint Apeks XTX 50 2nd Stage Regulator with Adjustable Breathing Resistance& Adjustable Ventrui This makes it one of the easist and nicest Breathing Regulators Primary or Octo I deal Twinset Side Mount Stage You can change which side the hose is routed into the Reg
Specialised tools for Apeks regulators. Sort by Filters. 38 mm Socket for Apeks First Stages. .90 Cover Tool for Apeks XTX series. .20. Cracking Adjustment Tool for Apeks Flight Second Stage .80. Double Wrench 32/34 mm. .40. Dump Valve Tool for Apeks Drysuits. .20. Environmental Seal Cap Socket for Apeks Black Sapphire
XTX Second Stage Regulator Maintenance Manual RANGE COVERED This manual provides factory prescribed procedures for the correct maintenance and repair of the following Apeks XTX second stage regulator range. XTX200 / XTX100 Flagship model, features include: – Adjustable cracking control…
Jun 15, 2013 · AT20 XTX Cover Tool 109437 Seat Extraction Tool Also I know this is a hot topic reading threads from a few years ago, but is there anywhere you can get the Apeks Service Packs? I have looked online, and for the first and second stage they are about £40. Which seems a little steep to me.

Models Covered: ATX 200, XTX 100, ATX & TX 100, FRS styles; NEW PRODUCT! A damaged/worn unit can cause IP creep/fluctuation. Please ensure you get the right part as it cannot be returned if you attempt to fit this item to the wrong Apeks 1st stage.
The Apeks XTX200 Status Regulator also has the benefit of an additional MICRO ADJUSTMENT that allows each individual regulator to be altered during service to keep your regulator at optimum performance. The dry-seated first stage suitable for cold water diving, now with removable ARCAP seat, heads the Apeks range and has been redesigned to
Apeks Regulator Service and Repair Manual 3 INTRODUCTION Apeks regulators are the product of many years of research and development. Apeks has utilized proven materials and design to maximize reliability and performance. This manual is intended only as a guide for the experi-enced repair person that has completed a Sea Quest/ Apeks
However this procedure MUST only be performed by an APEKS Authorized Service Technician. Available in yoke or din configuration. Braided flexi-hoses are now standard on all models. These hoses are lighter weight, more flexible and more durable. Suitable for coldwater …

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Apeks XTX50 Regulator The XTX50 is for the discriminating diver who wants the benefits of a feature-rich regulator at a moderate price. This popular first stage has four medium-pressure ports all mounted on a …
The Apeks AP0241/AA Diaphragm 1st Stage Repair Kit covers all Apeks Diaphragm type first stages, excluding Status models. This kit is produced using nitrox compatible materials. It is suitable for fitting in regulators that are to be used with Nitrox mixtures up to 40% Oxygen (O2) content.
Buy Apeks First Stage Repair Kit or ask a member of our certified diving staff if the Apeks First Stage Repair Kit is the best option for you. Free Shipping on select orders. Price Match Guarantee.
Black Sapphire Maintenance Manual NOTE: If the First Stage has a DIN Connection, go to step 13: if it has a Yoke Connection follow step 14. Removal of Din Connection NOTE: The thickness of the spanner must not exceed 11mm or it will not fit between the thread and the flange. The correct spanner can be purchased from Apeks (PN AT47) 10.
Jun 06, 2012 · The XTX 40 first stage has 4 MP ports and 2 HP ports. The MP ports are located on the swivel part of the turret. This allows for hose routing to suit all configurations of dive kit. All Apeks First Stages are available in either A Clamp or Din Fittings.
Popular products. Apeks XTX 50 DST regulator DIN 300 Products – Items tagged as “Apeks service kits” Sort by apeks drysuit exhaust valve apeks drysuit hose apeks drysuit inflator apeks ds1 first stage apeks ds4 apeks ds4 first stage Apeks DST first stage apeks DST first stage with 5th Port apeks dump valve apeks dust cap apeks egress
Subaquatic Service Kits – For Apeks Regs . We are importing Subaquatic direct replacement rebuild kit for regulators. The kits are the same high quality as the original manufacturer versions. Please Note: These are aftermarket kits not OEM

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Scuba Service; Oceanic® Lever Height Setting Tool for New Apeks XTX Second Stage. .10. Lever Height Setting Tool for Old Apeks XTX Second Stage. .10. O-ring Installation Assist Tool for Apeks/Aqualung Balanced Second Stage Barrel. Removable HP Valve Seat Tool Set …
This popular first stage has four medium-pressure ports all mounted on a rotating turret The first stage is over-balanced resulting in a higher medium pressure at each depth Since this pneumatically balanced second stage is part of the XTX family, it has left/right reversibility configurations
Apeks Technical Maintenance Manual ATX 200 First Stage 16 pages. 6. Apeks Apeks XTX manual 26 pages. 13. Scubapro G200/B 2nd Stage 2 pages. 33. You can switch between DS-TTL (Digital Slave TTL) and a ten-level manual control this procedure MUST only be performed by an APEKS Authorized Service The XTX 200 is the flagship of the Apeks Regulator
Apr 03, 2010 · I just picked up my Apeks XTX-200 regs from their first service, and the technician informed me that the conical filter was missing from the first stage? I am not sure how this is possible unless it was a manufacturing screwup as the first stage has never been opened since I …

Apeks XTX 200 Regulator with XTX40 Octopus Package The Apeks FSR first stage is a high performance diaphragm design with environmental seal for improved cold water performance and reliability. Apeks XTX 200 balanced first stage comes with four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports at pre-orientated angles for the best hose routing.
Owner’s manual; Apeks Regulator Owner’s Manual . Second Stage Hose Configuration Apeks XTX regulator range can be dedicated to either left or right handed use in conjunction with the RVS system (see page 11). Place the first stage regulator over the cylinder valve so that the inlet fitting aligns with the O-ring of the cylinder valve
TECHNICAL SUPPORT APEKS MARINE EQUIPMENT LTD, NEPTUNE WAY, BLACKBURN, LANCASHIRE. SCHEDULED SERVICE It is recommended that the Apeks XTX second stage regulator should be serviced annually regardless of usage. XTX Second Stage Regulator Maintenance Manual XTX Second Stage Regulator Maintenance Manual.

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